Exceptional Healthcare Providers

Being positive is conducive to healing.

Recently, I got a close-up look at how patients are treated by healthcare providers. While in the hospital for several days following a surgery, I reflected on how I was treated by my care team, and the impact it had on my experience. This helped me to better understand the importance of choosing the right healthcare providers for Seniors with chronic health problems, whether in their homes or in a facility.

Fortunately, all the healthcare providers I encountered aided me in the healing process and in overcoming the effects of my surgery. However, some more than others, provided needed assurance and optimism and treated me like a person, not just a name on the chart.

As care providers entered my room, there was an immediate sense of those who took a personal interest; invariably, they would address me by my name and ask a few personal questions to get to know me. Some would share a little about themselves, such as how long they had worked there or interesting things about their family, creating a warm atmosphere. When they were optimistic, it was a welcome attitude, when worries about things turning out well, were in doubt. Being positive is so conducive to healing!

So, now back to my earlier statement about the importance of healthcare providers in the lives of Seniors. Having the right care provider that fits the needs and personality of a Senior is so important. A care provider, whether he or she is a CNA, nurse, therapist or doctor, can brighten an often bleak situation by being personable, by noticing improvements and by using sincere encouragement.

When I was in a tough situation, I had a speech therapist that was like a personal trainer. She illustrated the needed exercise, cheerfully encouraged me and showed me how to achieve results. Having an exceptional care provider made all the difference!

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