Advocating for Seniors’ Rights

Seniors who are experiencing chronic health issues deserve to receive high-quality care and to be treated with dignity and respect. As advocates for Seniors, we protect their rights, independence and quality of life.

Rights: We advocate for you in the legal and healthcare systems, making sure your rights are protected.

Independence: We ensure your right to make decisions for yourself for as long as possible, or have in place trusted people appointed to make decisions for you, in your best interest.


Quality of Life: We understand the emotional burden, loneliness and sense of loss that comes with long-term disability, and we work tirelessly to help you meet the challenges and fulfill your needs and desires.

If a Senior has in-home care or moves to a long-term care facility, our Elder Care Coordinator visits regularly to monitor the quality of care and serve as the family’s advocate. If problems occur, our Attorney gets involved to resolve them as quickly as possible.
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