A Gift for You!

This Booklet helps you know how to be more prepared for the future.

Dear valued client,

We are sending you the attached Booklet entitled “A Senior’s Guide to a Well-Planned Future.” This booklet is designed to help you plan today for a better tomorrow, by putting legal documents in place and communicating your desires to your family. We hope that you find it interesting and informative. You may also view the Booklet or download it from our website listed below.

We believe that life is good, and that we can choose to make it even better.   Having the opportunity to ‘connect’ with you each month through our Senior Tips is enjoyable for us and we hope it has been helpful to you. Often, we receive comments back from you which makes our day! We hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and we look forward to a happy New Year!

Sincerely, Tom Packer, Sandy Packer and Becca Freeburne 

Click here to view & download the booklet

Tom Packer is an Elder Law Attorney serving all of Southeast Idaho. As part of his law practice, Tom offers Life Care Planning to deal with the challenges created by long-term illness, disability and incapacity. If you have a question about a Senior’s legal, financial or healthcare needs, please call us.

December 2018