Resources for Seniors

Tip – Do you know what resources are available to help Seniors?

Many families, who provide care to a loved one, need help but don’t know where to find it. There are many resources available if you know where to look for them. For example, the Area Agency on Aging in Pocatello, also known as SICOG, has the following programs:

Idaho Lifespan Respite. Often, caregivers providing care to someone with a significant disability or chronic illness are unable to get out of the home to do shopping and other things they need to get done. Lifespan Respite gives caregivers a break. It allows the caregiver to hire someone and provides funds to pay for up to 10 hours of respite care a month. To be eligible the caregiver must be providing unpaid service to a loved one with whom they live or to whom they are providing frequent on-site visits throughout the day.

Additionally, Seniors, who live alone and do not have a caregiver, may qualify for 10 hours a month of in-home care at no cost to them.

Veteran-Directed Home & Community Based Services. Veterans in this program are given a flexible, monthly budget to help them hire personal care aides and buy items and services that will help them live independently in their own home. A care advisor from the local Area Agency on Aging will work with the Veteran to identify care needs and assist in developing a spending plan to obtain
the needed services.

Pro Age Connections. This program helps seniors who may need social contact. Volunteers reach out to those seniors by sending monthly post cards and making regular phone calls to seniors who sign up for the program.

Adult Protective Services. Adult Protective services protects vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. If you know a vulnerable adult who is not getting the care they need, adult protective services are available to assist.

\If you or your family feel that you may qualify for some of these services, contact your Area Agency on Aging. They are located at 214 East Center Street, Pocatello, Idaho 83201, 208-233-4032 / 935 East Lincoln Road, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401, 208-522-5391.

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October 2022