Aging Gracefully

Tip – Interact with others, contribute, and enjoy life.

“As we age, physical changes—such as discomfort, illness or frailty—are simply the most visible of a host of other changes. You also may notice emotional fluctuations such as loneliness, anxiety or sadness. As we grow older, our amount of stress often increases while our ability to deal with it decreases.” (Caring For Aging Loved Ones, Henry Holstege, Ph.D and Robert Riekse, Ph.D., pg. 184)

Maintaining relationships with family and friends is very important and can help us handle the emotional challenges we face. Humans are social creatures and need to be around other people and have meaningful interactions. Where can these meaningful interactions be found? There are many answers to that question, including family, friends, neighbors, and religious fellowship. You might
also go to your local Senior Center and ask about the activities and services that are provided there.

Let your family and those around you know that you would like visits or phone calls. Interactions with others keeps loneliness at bay and helps you maintain independence. A luncheon, a trip to the grocery store, or even a phone call can make a huge difference.

As a senior citizen, there is still much you can contribute. I know of one elderly lady who was feeling lonely, so she decided to call other seniors from the Senior Center on their birthdays. There are also many opportunities to contribute to the community through humanitarian projects, food distribution, and other worthwhile activities.

Aging gracefully is being able to successfully master life changes and stresses
and find a way to keep contributing and enjoying life.

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October 2023