Transferring Vehicle Titles in an Estate

How do I transfer the title of a vehicle of a person who has passed away?

The question—How do I transfer the title of a vehicle of a person who has passed away? —is frequently asked. If the estate of the person who has passed away is probated, the Personal Representative of the estate can sign and transfer the title to the vehicle by providing the Department of Transportation with a copy of his or her Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration that have been issued by the Court. If the vehicle was held in a trust, the Trustee of the trust has the authority to transfer the title.

But what do you do if the deceased person had a small estate that was not probated, so there is no Personal Representative to sign the title? In this case, the Idaho Department of Transportation’s website has an Affidavit of Inheritance form that can be printed and filled out by a priority heir and filed with the application for a new Idaho Certificate of Title on the vehicle.

Attached below is the Transportation Department’s Affidavit of Inheritance. If you need assistance with understanding more about this process, we are here to help.

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November 2019